Monday, March 24, 2008

InterContinental San Francisco - Now You See It, Now I Don't

I stopped by the new InterContinental San Francisco on Friday, March 21. The neighborhood coming from Market down Sixth Street was an interesting site at 10am with the homeless in doorways, the groups of men drinking on the sidewalk and concealing their brown bagged bottles when the street cop rounded the corner. Reminded me of North Dublin in 1997. Reminded me of 1979 and looking for punk rock venues in the vacated garment warehouses that used to be south of Market. The InterContinental has moved the tenderloin crowd another block south and west.

I rounded the corner at Howard and there she stood reflecting morning sunlight in blue tint highrise fashion.
My story of the new InterContinental San Francisco hotel will have to wait.

I was told by the hotel staff I need to speak with media relations if I want to make an appointment to see the hotel interior.

So, with my tour plan of the new IC San Francisco busted, I headed over to Third Street where I was given an impromptu tour of the Westin Market by the General Manager.
And I didn't even have an appointment.

The scene at Sixth and Howard Street.

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